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Sniper Elite V2 is a World War II first-person shooter
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Sniper Elite V2 is a World War II first-person shooter. It is a great action game that puts you in control of a sniper in different cities across Europe. This game is all about sniping, and it includes some of the most realistic sniper scenes I have ever seen in a game. It is so realistic that to line up a perfect shot, you have to take into consideration the wind direction, bullet drop over distance, bullet penetration and even aim stability. The story of the game is, perhaps, its weakest point. You are sent to Nazi Germany to take out key officials of the German army and to extract scientists working on the V2 program before the Russians can get them. There is nothing wrong with the plot, but when you are playing the game, it feels like you are rushed from mission to mission just so that you can take a few enemies from predetermined vantage points. The game is also very linear. You can't deviate from a preset path, even when there are better spots from which you can take enemies. The computer AI also leaves much to be desired. You can shoot an enemy two or three times and they won't even get a shot off. This is too unrealistic.

As for advantages of the game, firstly, the sniper mechanics are the best I have seen in a computer game. Taking a perfect shot is a science and this game replicates it quite well. The second thing I love about the game is the X-ray kill cams. They are great to look at. I find it priceless to see how a bullet penetrates an enemy only to come out on the other side and hits a grenade pouch at a second enemy.

In short, this sniper game has great mechanics, good graphics and it is fun to play, but it isn't without problems. Anyone who likes sniper rifles will probably like it, though.

José Fernández
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  • Great sniper mechanics
  • Good graphics
  • X-ray kill cams


  • Weak computer AI
  • The story isn't great
  • Too linear
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